AHRG - American Housing Recovery Group

  • Timely

    AHRG prides itself on constructing and completing homes on time. We know homeowners cannot wait to be back in their new or repaired homes, and we want to get them there.

  • Customer Service

    AHRG knows that people need a contractor who is available to answer questions and concerns. We have a 1-866-684-2474 hotline available to all our customers.

  • Planning

    AHRG believes in proper planning, knowing and analyzing our projects. We like to know the whole scope and possible changes first so we can get to work faster.

  • Quality Workmanship

    At AHRG we have been in the construction business a long time. All of our staff have 20+ years in the business. This experience builds our workmanship to higher quality at better prices.

Latest Updates

What We Do

AHRG specializes in home repair, remodel and new construction. We stand ready to repair and rebuild the homes of those in need.

Where We Are

AHRG is officed out of Dallas and Houston. We take on projects in Austin, Dallas and Houston.


If you do not know us, ask our customers! AHRG prides itself on happy homeowners who love their new homes.